The Face behind Family Connections Collective

My sole purpose behind creating my online platform (if you follow my personal account)@I.AM.doMEnica is to bring light to maternal mental health. Many might say I "battled, suffered, survived" post-partum depression however I am thankful for my depression as it has become apart of me and I am grateful for that. I do not associate it as being negative. However I am not insinuating it is not difficult nor as simple as I might make it out to be.


I have been in therapy for as long as I can remember and I am very aware of my emotions and understand how to properly express them. When I began experiencing post-partum depression my mind was slowly turning away from me and I was at a cross-roads, basically my wits end. I needed some serious help. I was proactive, and sought out help immediately. It has been three years of redefinition.

They say "post-baby" you change, well that my friends is an understatement. You are re-born. You are stripped of your previous life, without being able to throw it a "Good-bye Party" . We are then left with a newborn baby to care, to keep alive all while trying to stay afloat and create this new identity for ourselves.

Motherhood is no joke, it is not what the television shows depict (at times it can be BETTER and at times it can be scary), it is nothing you can prepare for. We need to instill more education on the fourth trimester (post-postpartum life after baby). That is where the "village" comes in, you know the one they always talk about "it takes a village", well that is why I created Family Connections. A platform for families and inviduals to come together to inspire, learn and grow. We will have monthly shopping markets, workshops and events to create community amongst our little village here west of the GTA. To hear and see more of what is going on with Family Connections follow us on Instagram for all our upcoming events!

 Bottom line, we need to keep the conversation going, we need society to normalize the taboo subjects that we desperately hide behind due to being afraid of ridicule, shame and judgement. I believe we are in the right direction and women are finally standing up for themselves and each other, its a beautiful thing to see...

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Domenica xoxo

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