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 Mom | High Performance Coach | Community Creator | Mental Health Advocate | Author

Hey! i'm Domenica


Initially my sole purpose behind creating my online platform on Instagram 4 years ago (if you follow my personal account) "" was to bring light to maternal mental health and advocate for women suffering in silence because I was once there myself. 

Post-partum depression I do not believe ever really leaves you, triggers, relapses happen however I am thankful for my depression as it has led me to so many opportunities; writing a book, creating my events company, leading me to coaching and consulting and most importantly I think becoming a STRONG, WILLED and DETEMINED woman.

You'll come across some blog posts on here that I get really vulnerable, raw and real. This is MY outlet and I'm letting you all in FREE OF CHARGE. Take this all for what it is. 

Living unapologetically, giving you all of me, at all times.

Shit gets real more than I would like to admit, but hey LIFE is exactly that at times, a rollercoaster that you so desperately what to JUMP off, waiting for the storm to pass and dancing in the rain.

In the midst of it all I created a pretty cool "village" if you have yet noticed...Family Connections Collective check it out, might have something for ya, ya never know.

Domenica xoxo