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 Nicole de Nobriga | 

Tate's Tales.

A lover of books, coffee and all things centred around her family, Nicole de Nobriga is passionate about telling creative stories that help engage little readers. Her children's picture book series, "Tate's Tales", captures the magic of a child's imagination in a fun and teachable way. The first instalment, "Tate's Big Birthday", follows the story of Tate who discovers the BIG possibilities as he grows one year older. Will he make new friends and swim laps in the "big kid" pool? Will he be tall enough to make his first dunk shot? Or maybe he'll fly to the moon like an astronaut. With the turn of each page, you are transported into Tate's curious imagination as he dream BIG on his birthday. Truly a heartwarming birthday story about wonderment, discovery and the unwavering bonds between child and parent. You can keep the conversation going after story time with free downloadable colouring pages and activity sheet that go along with "Tate's Big Birthday."

 Lootastic | 

Sensory Play Bins

Loottastic’s sensory play bins are carefully curated to take the stress off you for providing the best toys for kids. 

Sensory play is crucial to milestone development in babies and toddlers. With our unique themes and safe fillers, you can explore a world of learning possibilities while playing. We also customize the bins with the child’s name making them perfect gifts.


Carol Burke and Ani Nersessian met each other on the first day of kindergarten, and became each other’s first friends.Fast forward almost 30 years later, these two are still friends, and decided to partner up in their love for crafts, business and children in their creation of Craftloots.

Carol is an entrepreneur with a love and passion for all things personalized. She hopes to connect through her love in bringing fun and creativity to life! Ani is the founder of a Visual Merchandising company, and has always been a lover of crafts, design and kids. She is a proud mama of a baby girl, Yeva, and looks forward to a future of crafting together

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