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Sunday Studio is a design studio that specializes in digital, start-up consulting, branding and website design. 


They have a focus on supporting small businesses transition online with a fully custom and user intuitive website. They also designed Family Connections Collectives new site!

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$60 OFF w/ code: FamilyConnections

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My name is Sherri and I am the artist behind Reclaimed Words. Reclaimed Words is a new business, which I started in early 2020. I also have complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I require a Service Dog. He is a large reason why I am able to share my art with you. This is not something that has been easy to tell others. However, each time I tell someone, I feel stronger. With each time I tell my truth, I “reclaim” my voice. This is where the word “Reclaimed” comes from in my business name. In healing from a head injury, I discovered the art of book folding. Not only did it help me heal, but it also sparked creativity and excitement in a way that I have never experienced before. I first made books with pre-made patterns and then began completing custom work. This is where my true love came in. Speaking and connecting with customers and hearing how I can help find their perfect book to create their desired image is the best part! Not only that, but seeing the happiness or kind words from those who have received my books fills me with joy. With each creation, I "reclaim" my voice. I look forward to working with you on creating your unique treasure for the loved one in your life.

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Custom and in-stock handmade items including scrunchies, headbands, masks and beanies. All items can be made in mommy and me sizes ranging from newborn to adult. Lots of fun patterns and styles. All orders are made with love. Shipping available in Canada. 


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Compassionate Creations



Compassionate Creations makes handmade heartfelt creations that range from candles, jewelry and water bottle bags and helps raise money for 4 charities in Hamilton. 


Compassionate Creations is on Instagram as and if on Facebook type in @compassionshared and our logo should appear.