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A few tidbits about The Sizzlin and Livin Mamma you might not have known...

That laundry basket isn't going to put itself away...for some cute maternity clothes options read through until bottom

Here's some tidbits you might not know about the Sizzlin and Livin Mamma....

I'm Domenica, a work-from-home Mom from Burlington, Ontario (what do I do exactly? you'll see below).

I'm 33 years old, Mama to a toddler and another babe on the way (currently 33 weeks, a little over 8 months),

I married my brother's bestfriend! I've known him since he was 14 years old (we're 34/31 now).

I'm an event planner/creator/organizer/designer (Company is called The Social Affair), lifestyle blogger, mommy blogger, Influencer, Vlogger, lover and doer of all things literally.

I traveled to Tanzania, Africa in 2011 and Cusco, Peru in 2012 to volunteer in renovating schools in rural communities (I also taught some classes there too!).

I graduated with my Masters in Early Childhood Studies in 2010 and with my Bachelors in Education in 2011.

I took my Primary/Junior Education training into Post-Secondary Education and began teaching at George Brown College in 2013.

Left the corporate world to head into life coaching and event planning after my little girl was born (2016).

Why did I start this platform?

I started this platform for new mothers who needed a place in the world. I felt alone following the birth of my daughter and needed to create an outlet for myself to speak openly about mental health and in my case it was postpartum depression. It has been a humbling experience and also quite scary to be completely honest. I did not always receive the positive feedback I had expected. No, it was quite the contrary. Motherhood is really not a welcoming "hood" if I am being completely transparent here, it is the scariest hood of all time. They're are judgemental, ruthless and down right RUDE women lurking its streets and if you're lucky you might find some people that "get you" (keep these people close-trust me you will need them one day). Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, if you decide to share your personal opinions and stories with the public be prepared to get ridiculed if others do not believe in what you are selling. But trust me, YOU GOT THIS! Yes, you may not think you do, but you do! Motherhood gives you a voice like nothing before. You build up your confidence and before you know it, you have turned into Mama Bear! and you can literally conquer anything life throws your way, trust me like I said YOU GOT THIS! So keep your head up high and teach your littles that even though the world (at times) can be scary it can also be so beautiful and they too can move mountains just like you have!

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