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An oldie but a goodie: From Mommy-to-be to a stay at home full-time Mommy❤

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

So, now I am a Mommy to our little gem Scarlett Domenica Orofino. She was born July 2nd 2016 at 2:57pm weighing 6lbs 10oz. She was 2 weeks early.

As I am writing this blog post she is taking a nap in her crib…this post might actually take me the whole night to complete but I WILL get it done!

So now the journey begins (well it began almost 4 Months ago) but if you can believe it I haven’t had the chance or rather be in the right frame of mind to blog about this new thing called Motherhood.

The birth story of Scarlett Domenica Orofino…

I’ll take you back to where it all began…my water broke on our friends couch (yes, you read that correct) July 1st 11pm (37 weeks, 15 days early) so my husband and I made our way to the hospital…full of adrenaline Anthony grabbed so so many pillows (unsure why?! but I couldn’t help but stand there and laugh!) grabbed my bag, diaper bag and my husband’s bag (yup! HIS bag)

They admitted me right away (Humber River Regional Hospital) 4 cm already dilated. Slept through the night, began active Labour around 9am. I took the epidural. YES I DID! I wanted to wait it out and see if I could push past the meds but I couldn’t and I am 100% ok with that! My advice to anyone embarking on this journey of Labour KEEP AN OPEN MIND and if it doesn’t go the way you had planned it’s ok! You are giving birth to a human being whether it C-section, vaginally, or naturally in water YOU REALLY ARE SUPER WOMAN!!

Back to the birth story…following the epidural I began to feel all the pressure in my back, yes I had back Labour😣😣😣 pushed for less than an hour (super lucky but boy was it ever HARD!) and then voila! Our baby girl Scarlett was welcomed to this world. I don’t think I mentioned this earlier…the gender was a surprise😆😆 so hearing that she was a GIRL my husband and I were overjoyed with emotion. It’s really unexplainable the feelings rushing through your body.

She really is a gem…but this thing called Motherhood is really under rated. At the beginning of this journey I didn’t have the slightest clue on how much our lives would change or exactly what this all entailed. Constant I mean 24/7 watching over this little human making sure they are breathing, eating, pooping, peeing and sleeping…basically keeping them alive. That’s it, you are literally growing them: feeding (if you’re nursing you feel like you’re a cow constantly being milked) I use the double electric Medela pump (if you want to nurse, YOU NEED THIS ONE!)

Remember how I mentioned “Motherhood being under rated”? Well it is, it is one of the toughest jobs out there. To all the Mommy’s: you are amazing and doing a fabulous job!

It’s a new life. But do I remember my old life? you better believe I do. Do I sometimes miss my old life? yes, I miss it very much sometimes…

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