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An open letter to my daughter about the beauty of life ✉❤

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

To my sweet and innocent little girl,

You truly are a gift. A miracle. God created you using only the best parts, he sprinkled some sweetness and love and then when He was done He generously chose Mommy and Daddy to be your parents. We were chosen my love to raise you and love you and guide you in this beautiful, but sometimes not so beautiful world we live in.

It will be difficult, sometimes you will find yourself saying “It’s just not fair, why is this happening? “. Honey, life isn’t fair, but it is what you make of it. Do not lose sight of the beauty there is in this world. I want you to travel and understand what Mommy means when I say “this world is truly beautiful”. Take trips to far off places and talk to different people, people that will inspire you and help you understand the true beauty of this world. Mommy traveled to many far off places.

I slept under the darkest skies and made wishes on shooting stars. Wishes that have already come true, after all I had you my sweet girl. Believe that people near and far have glorious gifts to offer you. It doesn’t matter where they sleep at night or the color of their skin, believe that they are as important as you are and that they too have a story to tell. Also, believe that no matter where you are in this world you are not and never alone. Do not feel helpless. Remember your roots because that is what shaped you into the strong individual you are today.

Take risks and try not to be afraid. Step out of your cozy little world and into the greatness of life. Open your eyes to the beauty of difference and the unknown. Do not always go where the path may lead you in life, instead go where there isn’t one and leave your mark. Try not to second guess yourself, be confident and secure in everything you do. Do not be afraid to fall. Mommy and Daddy will always be here to support you. You might have to pick yourself up on your own but you will get up again. Do not forget how far you have come. You are strong. You are powerful and you my dear can and will move mountains. Do not fault your decisions in life and have any regrets. Be careful. Be safe. Always come back home and share your experiences and life lessons with Mommy and Daddy. We won’t hold you down, we just want to celebrate in all your accomplishments and be proud of the woman you have become. After all we are and will always be your biggest supporters. We will stand by you in your decisions, give you advice when you ask, guide you to the best of our ability and most importantly LOVE you unconditionally, no matter what. You are our daughter. Our joy. Our treasure. Sometimes their are no words to express how we feel about you. Sometimes we will just look at you in complete silence and awe and ask ourselves “how did we get so lucky to be the chosen ones to raise this magnificent little girl?”

If you take anything from this letter, remember these words my dear girl:

Remember that life is beautiful. Appreciate all the good. Count your blessings. Be grateful. Always believe something amazing is about to happen. Remember your roots. Always remember that home is where your heart is.

We love you…

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