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An updated letter to you my TERRIFIC Two-Year Old!

I haven't blogged in about a month. Life has been evolving, I don't want to say "crazy" because crazy is connected to a negative connotation so lets say EVOLVING. Good things are happening and we are so gracious for all of the gifts we have received thus far and continue to receive. I have been busy building my empire over here and have slacked in letting you all know what is going on on the home front. This post is dedicated to my daughter Scarlett. I've gone through a transition in motherhood. It has been a beautiful change might I add. I've summed it up in an updated letter to her. I want to share it with you all. So much love and light to each and every one of you that have been supporting me from day one. xoxox

I was apart of a beautiful collaboration with Vania from @mintedshutterphotography, follow her she is on Instagram she is a beautiful soul inside and out. Below are some photos I've been meaning to share with you all (click the right arrow to see all photos).

**Letter is below...**

To my Terrific Toddler Scarlett,

I just want to first off say how you have mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically changed my life in these 2 short years. You have shown me what it means to actually "dream while awake" you have put so much purpose to my passions and dreams and have helped me create my absolute BEST life Scarlett. At the beginning I was unsure, I was NEVER unsure about you I was unsure about this whole Motherhood thing and I was in such a dark place. Mommy was sad because she was scared you weren't going to love her. I cried a lot because all I wanted to do was make you the happiest girl in the world but then Mommy realized that you ALREADY were the happiest and luckiest little girl. You would smile and laugh and that made Mommy feel so much better.

Now, listen to Mommy, this stage is tough. You are exploring, figuring things out on your own. You want to do EVERYTHING but sometimes its not always at the best times and you sometimes get mad at Mommy and Daddy. You cry and scream...A LOT! But Mommy knows its OK. This stage is tough because you still can not tell us EXACTLY what you want. But guess what? It's OK. You are moving through it and you will pass these little hurdles. Your little brain is taking in so much information. All these things you are learning now will help you grow into a strong, big girl. So, don't worry, Mommy and Daddy understands that when you are getting upset you are just trying to express yourself.

You have given Mommy so much hope. The hope that I thought was lost. You are my why Scarlett, do you know what that means? Mommy is working REALLY hard at creating her BEST life for herself but that means for you too! Yes Mommy wants you to learn how to be a strong, vibrant, spunky, loving and empathetic individual. Mommy is creating this life FOR YOU. I want you to be the reason people smile, I want you to help those that can not help themselves, I want you to share your light with the world, THIS is what life is all about Scarlett. Not the toys and the Youtube videos. No. Life is about things you can not buy at the store. It is about showing your smile and love to people that need it. It is about being a strong woman that other women and little girls look up to. Life is about far-off places that may not speak the language you speak, it is about meeting people and learning about their life's purpose and sharing your dreams and passions with them. I want you to experience EVERYTHING that life has to offer. I might not want to say Good-bye and let you go and explore but I know you will come back to Mommy and Daddy. Believe me when I say I am your BIGGEST cheerleader. Yes. It does not matter what you become, what you choose to study in school or who you want to marry, Mommy will always be in your corner cheering you on. Just be you my sweet girl, be that spunky, sassy and terrific firecracker!

Forever in love with you my beautiful angel,

Mommy xox

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