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Be your own Cheerleader

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

I was vulnerable and transparent on Instagram a few days ago. I shared some deep emotions I have been experiencing and received some really wonderful and comforting feedback from some beautiful people on Instagram (some I have never met in person, but we have made strong connections via this online platform). I talked about paying attention to who is in your corner and WHO is actually "clapping" for you when you are doing well and excelling in your life. Do you hear the clapping? or is it quiet, almost non-existent? I've noticed a significant change within my audience and the "clapping" had come to a halt. Prior to this post I had such a hard time with it. I would second-guess myself, that I had done something wrong. But the truth is, I did absolutely NOTHING wrong. No, I was excelling in my career, my personal life, I was FINALLY becoming comfortable in my own skin again, so where did everyone go??? Maybe its me, and I'm just not "there" anymore, I've moved on, moved on UP to bigger and better things, opportunities and people. Instead of looking at it as a detriment, I've started looking at it with gratitude and being thankful for this "clean-up". Have you ever done a clean-up with people? getting rid of the old and stagnant to make space for the new and vibrant? By no means am I saying you should get rid of seasoned friends that you've had for so many years, no, I am merely stating the fact that if people cut you out of their life, maybe you shouldn't fight it and just go with the flow and THANK GOD for this change, because maybe this is EXACTLY what you need.

The title of this post: "Be your own cheerleader". Definitely coincides with what I was talking about above, be your own hero, be your own cheerleader. Do not rely on anyone to hold and raise you up, because in the end you only have yourself to trust and lean on. What happens if "your people" all of a sudden vanish? Your're left alone, picking up the pieces and asking yourself "where did everyone go"? So try not to create these empty "expectations" of people, situations and opportunities. Loose the expectations in all regards; with your partner, family, career, jobs, even within yourself. God, we are SO hard on ourselves and create these unattainable expectations, its nuts! So do yourself a favor, STOP expecting things from people, stop expecting things from your partners, and cut yourself some slack.

Next up on the blog, I will be talking about the "funk" I was in. Yup, it was a HUGE funk that had made me hit rock bottom all over again. I think its important to address it and talk about it, we aren't talking enough about this kind of stuff. The real, raw and stories need to be shared to create that sense of belonging and to offer comfort to those who desperately need it. So stay tuned! This time around I will not be quiet. I will not sugar coat things (not like I did in the past, let's be honest lol). but what I mean is that I will not tip-toe around certain topics or even people for that matter. Transparency and authenticity is where its at, and trust me people can see through it when its not being displayed in a genuine way.

Until next time, sending you love and hugs!

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