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Design your Destiny: My Intuitive Life Coaching Practice

I am over the moon excited to share with all of you that I am beginning my Life Coaching Practice, yes FINALLY! For all info on session packages check out the Life Coaching section of my website.

From what I have learned within this field of working with people is that everyone comes with a story, "mental baggage" if you want to call it. We ALL have deep-rooted unresolved issues that we SHOULD be addressing however, 90% of us will not seek guidance, assistance, help (whatever you wish to call it). Nope. We will continue with our day-to-day lives either being insecure, unhappy, bitter, depressed, anxiety-striken, in denial etc. You get my drift. EVERY ONE person on this earth needs guidance, needs hand-holding at some point in their lives. My goodness we are not robots, we are human with feelings. We cry, we lash out, we get depressed WE ARE ALLOWED to feel. Life is so hard, so difficult the many experiences we go through can be so detrimenting, how are we able to pick ourselves up without a little bit of help?

So, please let down your guard and your pride. The way our society is thinking nowadays is pretty scary. The amount of times I hear from people still in todays day in age "you see a psychiatrist? but you're not crazy?!" It's quite baffling engaging in these conversations seeing as it is 2018. Not all cases need medical attention. No, but many many cases need someone on the other end to just listen, work WITH you in coming to a conclusion that YOU are proud of. This is where I come in. My coaching practice is not intrusive, I offer an intuitive side to the coaching aspect. Mentoring and guiding is what I specialize in and working WITH you and alongside of you rather than offering my advice and telling you what you should be doing, no. You are in control of your Destiny and I am solely there to help you Design it.

Ask yourself this one question: what is missing from your life, name one thing. Most will ask "just one?" Yes. Just one. Then ask yourself: how can you incoporate this one thing into your life?

Sending you light, love and peace. xoxo

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