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Getting our mojo back🙌👏❤

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

This post is for EVERYONE. What happens when you are in a rut? Feeling that sense of loss…how do you recover that MOJO!?

When you hear that word “mojo” what comes to your mind? To me, I think of my groove, that little extra pep in my step and with that being said I feel like I’ve completely lost my MOJO since becoming a Mama. Mother’s out there, do you feel this way as well? I spoke to a friend of mine, her baby is almost 1 and she shared with me that her MOJO reminds her of energy, her aura. She also shared with me that once she stopped nursing she felt as though she began slowly to recover that MOJO. Now this made me think, at 9 months postpartum I felt as though I was slowly getting back to “me” like the real “me” (pre baby/before children) and that is when I had ended my breast-feeding journey. Talking to my therapist she had mentioned to me that that makes complete sense seeing as the chemicals (prolactin) that are being released throughout our bodies and mind while nursing can really REALLY do a number on you. I am by no way insinuating breast-feeding is something that you shouldn’t be doing. It is your own prerogative. What I am saying is that when my nursing journey ended it was my light at the end of the dark tunnel I was in.

So how do we fix this? How do we get back to the original version of yourself, or better yet BEST version of yourself?

Self-care!!!! Start right now! Begin this regime today. Go away with your partner. Meet up with your bestfriend WITHOUT the baby. Take a BATH by yourself, get a mani/pedi and lastly be OK with being away from your baby. It’s not easy but please build yourself up and DO IT your subconscious mind and soul will thank you and trust me you will reap the rewards. And that my friend is where your MOJO returns!

I am now putting my BEST SELF forward. This past year I felt as though I was lost as a woman, wife, friend, daughter and Mother. I finally feel like I am back! My God the feeling is amazing. We are enjoying our little one, we are enjoying life as a family, we are beginning to enjoy our marriage again. I get it. Life goes on a bit of a hiatus for a bit. But remember to find yourself, she’s in there somewhere ready to be unleashed.

Sending you peace and love✌❤

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