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My journey to finding self-care and mastering it👏👌❤

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

You’ve heard that term before? “Self-care” so what exactly does this mean? Its a very broad term. It could mean something different for everyone. I will tell you what it is: MAMMA’S SANITY! And by NO means should it ever be taken granted. Do you believe some Mom’s never engage in any type of self-care? Now, what do you think the outcome of that would be? TROUBLE. It brings on so many emotions and feelings that are terrible for the soul. It’s not good for anyone especially BABY! Do not be a martyr. We all go a bit stir-crazy and need time away from everyone especially the baby. This by no means you are any less of a Mother. If anything, this type of practice will make you a stronger woman, partner and Mother.

What are some examples of Self-care?Write down what you enjoy to do i.e.: taking a bath, reading a book, grocery shopping (SOLO) eating a HOT meal, swimming, exercising etc. Whatever it is, make the time like you make the time to go poo! Pardon my french but that is HOW important it is. Get a babysitter, get SOMEONE to come and watch the baby so you can have some ME time! My self-care was putting our little one in Daycare part-time. It was advised by my therapist and I am forever grateful to her for suggesting that. It was one of the hardest things to do. I had a lump in my throat for weeks. But I did it! I feel as though it was my saving grace. And let me tell you. It is by no means the easy way out, it is HARD, excruciating to leave your child for the whole day. Before I hear some of you murmur “she couldn’t hack it, wait until shes older…must be nice to be able to afford it” just STOP! Because thats not nice or fair. This society we live in is tough, ruthless, and so unforgiving. So just be happy for your fellow Mommy’s. If I can help one of you, I’ve done my job. Take my advice, or leave it. Its that simple. THIS is what worked for me✌❤

As most of you know my journey as a Mother thus far has been a trying one. I have suffered with Postpartum depression/anxiety and because of that I have become an advocate for first-time Moms. I am not the conventional stay at home Mom, baby’s in daycare 3x a week and I’m not slaving away cleaning and cooking everyday. I engage in self-care. I go to the gym 3+ more times a week, I take baths, I lunch/brunch with friends because that is what my mind needs right now. I am grateful to have this time to myself before I start working again in September. But I am a firm believer that when you take care of yourself you’re just so much better off to your family. Myself and a friend of mine enjoyed the day at Hockley Valley. We had massages, scrubs, facials, soaked up the sun drank martini’s by the pool (well I did, she’s pregnant)…it was literally heaven and EXACTLY what both of us needed at that time. SELF-CARE my friends, SELF-CARE. We are better to our babies because we had that free time away from them.

Another way to engage in self-care? Date night. Yes remember those? You need to rekindle, spark and ignite that thing you and your partner used to do WITHOUT the kids around. Hold hands, be ALONE. Your kids will be fine. I dare you. Call your babysitter (whomever) and take off for the night by yourselves and enjoy a hot meal! Talk about things you used to talk about. Not your baby. Put on some makeup, a pretty dress and fix your hair. You’ll love it. You need it. YOU DESERVE IT!

We go out after the babe is snoozing. It’s what works for us. We are planning to go overnight next weekend for our 3rd year wedding anniversary. My husband wants to bring her. I do not. I will have some convincing to do I’m sure. Anyone else’s hubby like that??

Moral to this post: TAKE CARE YOU OF YOU MAMMA! You so desperately deserve it. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed. Let your hair down with your partner. Laugh and eat some yummy hot food. Leave baby alone. Be alone. Find yourself. Do some soul searching. Remember who you were first. ✌❤

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