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New Season for New Beginnings

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

It’s amazing what change happens when a new season begins. Think about both mental and physical changes. Physically we change i.e.: clothes, things we add/take away etc. But mentally our minds do a bit of a clean-up as well, we subconsciously set new goals for the new season. Do you catch yourself doing this? I know I do. I give myself new tasks, kind of like our “new years resolutions”. It’s healthy, it shows ambition, motivation, determination etc etc. This year is a little bit different. I’ve decided to go with my “gut” and make some MAJOR changes in regards to my occupation. I am chasing my dreams. I am going to finally create my dreamland. Some might read this, skeptics maybe and think “this girl is living in a fantasy world”. I am a dreamer. I’ve always been and will continue to do so, the minute we stop dreaming, aspiring we stop living. I will be bringing my passions to life. 

Coaching. I love helping, advising and motivating people. I will be offering my clients my expertise on life. What does this girl know about life? I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I know nothing concrete, I am winging it every.single.day. But let me tell you what I do know about life: I’ve traveled to far off places, I’ve studied rural and metropolitan societies and groups of people in various countries, continents and cities. I have immersed myself into love, sadness and joy. I have hit rock bottom. I’ve also reached the heavens. I am aware. I am in love with the Universe. I believe in God. I believe in myself and I also believe in people and the good and greatness they have to offer this wonderful world we all share. I want to share this with EVERYONE. So this is what I will be doing. Talking. Listening. And sharing. Life coaching.

I am over the moon to begin these new ventures. I am anxious. I am nervous. But my passion and my heart can not wait to commence this new chapter in my and my Family’s life.

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