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Our Moving story: Why Burlington?!

Many of you, if not ALL have asked WHY BURLINGTON?! My first question to them is have you been? and WHY THE HECK NOT?! We are moving from North-West Toronto to South Burlington, let's get one thing straight here guys, its BURLINGTON, not Sudbury (nothing wrong with Sudbury, but that would have been more of a drastic change-no?) ANYWAYS! We will be moving in January 2019 and we are very VERY excited for this new chapter to begin in our lives. This is a new journey full of endless possibilities and opportunities. My husband Anthony and I are on the same page when it comes to needing change in our lives and understanding that CHANGE is NEEDED!! Sure change is scary, some have told me its the fear of the unknown, what if it all goes to shit?! things are good now why shake it up? It's funny we instill the word change with a negative, uneasy connotation...WHY?! It's all in your understanding of "Change" really, how we we have been impacted by this "Change" you say.

How have YOU been impacted by change? In the past has it been scary for you? I think before we take that step we are all afraid, come on the unknown kills us and scares the shit out of us but my God is it ever WORTH it!

I should answer to you all WHY BURLINGTON?! As for us moving to B-town we were scared at first but we took that plunge! I mean come on, look how sweet this place is! I literally have to pinch myself and remind myself that this is our house!!! We are beyond grateful and thankful for all our blessings. Burlington is gorgeous, we are close to the water, downtown Burlington is just popping (literally!) The overall vibe in Burlington kind of reminds me of Young/Eglington, Avenue Rd and Eglington in uptown Toronto BUT has the suburbia feel that we REALLY love. HUGE backyard, I mean next summer y'all better come for a bbq! So needless to say, Why not, Burlington!

But! with all of this happiness comes hardship. All of this did not come easy nor does anything in life. When we were house-hunting we looked EVERYWHERE: Toronto, Etobicoke, Milton, Bolton and of course Burlington. Ever had the experience of house hunting and selling your home too?! My God it takes everything out of you. It's detrimental and the most beautiful thing very similar to what we call LIFE! We find a home, dead-set on it, draft up the offer, we find out there are other bids, we lose the house, we find the house of our dreams ONLY to find out its sold-conditionally, oh wait! We find THE house, we buy it! We wait on home inspection only to find MOLD COVERED THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE! We lost hope, oh not to mention all the showings we had happening over here! Moving with a toddler is not something I will sugar-coat, NO by no means its THE HARDEST thing you will do, next to renovations...(where we are headed next!).

All hours of the day, you have to be ready to leave, not to mention your house has to be kept-up, cleaned un-cluttered, basically like you are not living in it; all of this with a toddler?! YUP exactly! It was hell on earth. Oh! not to mention throughout all this I was newly pregnant. Breakdowns everyday of not wanting to move, wanting to throw it all away. Thank God for my husband. He got me out of all my dark moments. This whole experience really tested my faith. I did not have it, I lost hope. I wanted to give up on life. Nothing was moving here in Toronto, but Burlington?! oh yeah like I mentioned above, you look at a house and its SOLD! That's the way the cookie crumbles. So when we found our dream in Burlington, I didn't get excited, didn't show too much emotion, basically I did not become emotionally attached, because that's what you do when you are house-hunting you envision your family having Christmas morning in the family room! When we FINALLY got the go-ahead still didn't feel connected or attached to the home. But after visiting it and my husband and I planning out our renovations I started getting excited, and now I am SO pumped to move in and create extraordinary memories in Burlington.

Can't wait to bring you ALL along for the ride to our new chapter and journey in Burlington! Y'all are going to be entertained I promise you that! Hubby will be very prevalent on the camera...I PROMISE you that!

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