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Our new Partnership with Cuddle + Kind

We are beyond excited to share with you our NEW Chloe Doll from Cuddle + Kind. I've always LOVED this company and everything they stand for. You see when you purchase 1 doll, 10 meals are provided for the world's most deserving children in over 66 countries (and let me tell you CANADA was on this list!). Yes, childhood hunger is quite prevalent even in our own backyards!

To learn more about this company and more in-depth information about where exactly they give and the opportunities they have provided to so many children and families read more here

Want to purchase one of these dolls for the littles in your life? Click here

Why Cuddle + Kind Hits Close to Home

In 2011 I traveled with a group of Canadians to Tanzania, Africa to renovate/re-build a school in a rural village in the small town of Moshi (very close to Kilimanjaro).

We slept, ate and worked on site of the school where 400+ children attended! It was a humbling, vulnerable and life-changing experience to say the least. We got to know the children, learned about their families, housing environments and their cultures. We learned that each family was responsible to provide the school with one bag of maize (very similar to corn) that way it was all fair and more importantly the children were provided meals each and every day. Even though the children were fed and satisfied and not to mention HAPPY we still felt that pain in the pits of our stomach. We felt for them, I guess this was for a number of reasons. We had compared the lives of these children to the children here in North America. It would make us ill just thinking about the unfairness of life in general, why are these children living like this? Why were WE given the life of less struggle, with more opportunity? Questions like this boggled our minds throughout our trip.

But let me tell you something when you REALLY embrace the culture and learn to see past all that other "stuff" your mind begins to see the true authenticity behind all the stereo-typical beliefs of this Continent of Africa. YES believe it or not my friends as our final days came to an end, some of us felt an emptiness inside, maybe it was because we saw past the colors on their faces, the foods they eat, the way they live and we REALLY saw them...HAPPY, FREE, BEAUTIFUL and FULL OF LIFE! Part of me was jealous. I was. I am not ashamed to admit it, I knew what I was heading back into; a society based on false appearances, FAKE lives, unhappiness and emptiness. BUT we also live in a beautiful country where we are FREE to live how we wish to, with that being said I promised myself to not be afraid to show vulnerability and my true self. It's been 7+ years since visiting that small rural village but the memories linger around like it was yesterday.

That my friends is why I decided to partner up with Cuddle+Kind, their beliefs and values behind their company coincide with that of my own, I ONLY align with brands and businesses that make my heart happy and are relatable to me and YOU, yes all of you have SO Much to do with why I do what I do....

Thank-you immensely for sticking around and ALWAYS supporting my vision and my crazy and fun antics. Y'all are the best! Never lose that sparkle in your eyes. Do yourself a favor this weekend, step out of your comfort zone and make your heart happy.

HAPPY FRIDAY beauties, have a good one!


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