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Review on Cabin Restaurant located inside Hockley Valley Resort

(Overview and description taken from Hockley Valley Wesbite, click here for more)

Named in honour of the first structure built on property in 1865, cabin draws inspiration from the picturesque and romantic countryside in the Hills of Headwaters region.

The 2,600 square foot space combines rustic and modern décor elements, including reclaimed hardwood floors, wooden beams from an old barn, and a 16-foot steel and glass chandelier.

“The concept for cabin marks an exciting and significant stage in the Resort’s evolution,” said John Paul Adamo, President and Co-Owner at Hockley Valley Resort. “cabin allows guests to connect with chefs, enjoy a diverse sampling of local fare, and experience the region’s beauty.”

The culinary experience is defined by our farm-to-table philosophy on food. The à-la-carte menu will celebrate the best of local cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients from the Resort’s two-acre fruit and vegetable garden, seasonal preserves, and fare from local farmers and suppliers

Saturday April 7th 2018 the Cabin Restaurant inside Hockley Valley Resort hosted my husband and I for a Chef tasting experience.

Awaiting our chef pass experience inside the Cabin Restaurant at Hockley Valley Resort.

The experience was extraordinary and truly unforgettable. We began our night with some drinks and some delectable truffle chips at Babbo (hotel lobby bar) we then moved into the Cabin restaurant where we were seated at the chefs table with clear view of the kitchen and all sous chefs and head Chef. I must say if you are a foodie, you would agree that these are the best seats in the house.

Head Chef Iniyan Vijay is the restaurant chef and greeted us and introduced us to his sous chefs. He explained the featured entrees of the night but he also mentioned that the kitchen would gladly make anything for us, to best fit our palette. Now my friends this is service. My husband and I ordered the features but shared with the chef what we found enticing on the menu. They delivered absolute perfection and provided us with flavors that brought us back to Italy. The simplicity of the ingredients is what makes cooking so beautiful, an art form really. Speaking with the chefs throughout the night we did learn a great deal about their culinary backgrounds. They acquired their culinary education from George Brown College and also learned abroad in France and Italy. The key components learned to master their culinary expertise is quite evident through the dishes they bring forward and share with their guests each and every night. The chefs shared with us their passion for cuisine and also the learning they have acquired during their time spent working with the Adamo Family.

This was definitely a foodies dream. We began our night with some sparkling wine and scotch. The chef prepared us an intro to our appetizer with a delectable shrimp and focaccia dish smothered with a pan seared butter and garlic sauce that you’d want to literally lick off your plate. Following the shrimp we then enjoyed our Mista board with flavourful house made salumi’s, honey, mustard, pickled veggies and cheese that literally melted in our mouths. A must try to all of you reading this post!

Moving towards our entrée for the night we were given a palette cleanser of raspberry sorbet that was so delicious that my husband and I inquired in purchasing a tub of this fruity goodness. Cleansing your palette allows you to indulge in even more deeper flavours as your meal progresses. The chef prepared us with an intro to our entrée with a melt in your mouth linguine smothered in a rich truffle sauce that you would buy by the case. It was just delicious!

Our main entrees included the prime-rib roast and the linguine with fresh seafood that you could taste the sea. I took a bite out of my husband’s prime rib and let me tell you it was made to perfection, a perfect medium-rare that melted in your mouth. My linguine was fresh, and made with a white-wine butter sauce along with fresh colorful cherry tomatoes. We really did not know how we were both going to enjoy dessert after all the delectable dishes we had already experienced.

As respectable guests we did not want to disappoint so of course we ordered our desserts along with our latte and cappuccino. Pear upside down (ok this was ridiculously scrumptious) and my husband enjoyed his budino a luscious chocolate experience with that same raspberry sorbet from earlier in the evening.

Our experience at Hockley Valley inside the Cabin Restaurant surpassed our expectations. Yes indeed, the food was delightful however the hospitality and service they provided was unforgettable. We will most definitely be back to enjoy all of the resort amenities as well as the delectable cuisine.

For more information on how you can enjoy this experience and so much more contact Hockley Valley today you will not be disappointed, Cheers!

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