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Saying Good-Bye to our first home...

There's a lot of mixed feelings when when it comes to putting your house up on the market, "Are we making the right decision for our family?" "How are we going to move all this stuff?" "Can we afford it?" I think finances kind of over-shadow a great deal of your insecurities, unfortunately they do that with a lot of aspects of our lives. We stressed out for months about our new mortgage payments (well I did!) Thank God my husband IS NOTHING LIKE ME...or else one of us would have ended up on CP24 (and I'm sure you could guess who!) He really alleviated a great deal of my anxieties and worries. Overall in the end things will ALWAYS work out, it's just getting to that point. You see it in the far distance, we all make it to the end but its the journey that almost kills us. The journey, the learning, the LESSONS my God the lessons you learn. Is it crazy that I am grateful for these lessons? You know, what if you NEVER had any hardships in life? Like NONE, ZERO?! How would you know if you are doing the right thing? wrong thing? How can you measure your growth? your family's growth? Your pride? Would you have any? Your level of gratitude, vulnerability, humility? It makes you stronger my friends, these "lessons" these "hurdles" it REALLY shapes you into one awesome kick-ASS human being!

So, back to Riverton here, saying good-bye to our first family home. I cried, cursed my husband (of course I did...poor Anth). But I cried because I had some level of regret, worry, uncertainty, little did I know I was pregnant and my hormones were completely out of whack. My thoughts were becoming my worse enemy. I had conjured in my head that Scarlett would hate us because we are taking her away from her "home" but in reality, HOME is wherever Mommy and Daddy are. Again, my husband brought me back down to reality and reassured me that this move would do wonders for our little growing family.

Taking the plunge!

We needed to take this next step. We both felt as though our lives were at a stand-still, constantly asking the questions "Ok, whats our next move? Are we ready to make the 'move' or has complacency settled in"? Many times we found ourselves unable to answer these crucial questions, maybe its because we had allowed "comfort" to settle in. These questions are the difficult ones; the ones that couples push aside because "comfort" has set in and made themselves at home. There's also that risk that one might want the change but the other is not ready. In our case, we were BOTH on the same page. We had talked about it for awhile. We felt it WAS TIME for us to make a change. This was not a decision we had made over night. Nope. We were thinking about our future, our family's future, not our parents, siblings, work, no, none of those outside factors and influences fogged our decision or judgement towards making this move. We are proud of ourselves, my God we are SO PROUD we decided to pick up and move cities! And still the question remains WHY BURLINGTON?!

During the past 5 years here at Riverton, we learned that life isn't going to wait for you to make a change in your life, no, honey that is up TO YOU! Life happens whether you like it or not, time doesn't stop for anyone. If you want to make a change than NOW is the perfect time. Change can be scary, but it can be so rewarding and exciting. If you feel scared, confused and lost than you're most likely on the right track. If you're reading this, take this and apply it to an aspect of your life. This isn't just pertaining to moving, no, its about making a decision and sticking to it. Step out of your comfort zone and JUMP! Just do it, chances are you'll land on your feet and if you don't (P.S.: you're one of the lucky ones) where life teaches you something called perseverance and its usually followed with humility and vulnerability (like what I was talking about above) Man, you can tackle ANYTHING! I mean ANYTHING! So kudos to you if life hasn't been an easy ride, YOU are one kick-ASS rockstar my friend you survived!!!

To end off...I want to say THANK-YOU for allowing me this platform to write and share my inner-most vulnerable thoughts. Yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions sometimes run wild and yet you continue to support and hang out with me during this crazy ride I call LIFE. Stay tuned for MORE Burlington pictures, videos and tidbits of our little family.

Buckle up, because you just never know whats next!


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