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Shame on You: Ending the infamous #momshaming once and for all

We have heard this too too many times before and YET it is still happening to this day. I will give you an example of something that I had to share with all of you. So. I work out with 2 other Moms a few days a week, these Mom's each have 3 kids of their own. I only have Scarlett. The tribulations they face on a daily basis is just mayhem to me BUT they're life works for them and they are truly awesome, strong women and I COMMEND them for making it out to the gym twice a week. Following our class my girlfriend and I were chatting (maybe ranting) ANYWAYS! There's nothing wrong with ranting, its actually healthy gets everything off your chest, so, we were ranting/venting back and forth and she said something to me that made me go "hmmmm". She had had a conversation with a fellow Mother/friend and this woman was really interested in how she had the time/energy/money to make it to the gym twice a week BY HERSELF for an hour. Ok, folks, this is 2 HOURS a week and this woman couldn't fathom "HOW SHE DOES IT"?

I am getting to the good part here...."well you must have a nanny!" Apparently this fellow Mother was a "friend". The first thing I said to my girlfriend was "she is not your friend, friends do not make accuasations towards you like that" Let me reiterate that NO, FRIENDS DO NOT DO THAT. The shaming, the judging the false accusations, the pre-conceived assumptions really need to stop ladies. Put on your big girl panties and HUSH-UP! You have no idea the sacrifices people make each and every day to make their life work, you have no idea the crosses people have to bare, the hardships, the hardwork, the sleepless nights, the sickness, my goodness I can go on and on. But I won't. I will spare you. But please if you take anything away from this, take this...

Everyone has a story, everyone has baggage, a long history of deep-rooted emotional issues (probably haven't even been dealt with) that YOU have no right in be-littling or shaming them. No. You do not have that right. As for those of you that have fell victim to this you remember that it is not you! No, THEY are the ones with the insecurities and THEY are the ones that live with jealousy, envy and a whole bunch of other issues that you can't even wrap your head around.

Spread love at all times, be genuine, be KIND!! Please do not have ill intentions, EVER. The Universe believes in karma, and when you are not being sincere and or genuine well, unfortunately things may not work out for you. Sending you peace, love and light xoxo

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