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SHOWCASE: Home of the Hottest Trends

Today was a GOOD day inside Showcase at their Vaughan Mills location. We went LIVE doing demo's and talking about this AMAZING back-to-school prize pack we have for all of you!

So let me get to the goods... We've got a HUGE GIVEAWAY happening for the next week! ENTER HERE It is valued at $300 and includes some AMAZING items:

The items include:

1) Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw: $24.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/products/collapsible-straw

2) Silicone Reusable Rainbow Drinking Straws: $9.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/prod…/silicone-reusable-straws

3) Meal Prep Containers – 10 Pack w/3 Compartments: $19.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/pro…/meal-prep-tri-compartment

4) Meal Prep Containers – 10 Pack w/2 Compartments: $16.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/pr…/meal-prep-dual-compartment

5) L.O.L. Surprise! 8” Style Pencil Case: $6.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/prod…/lol-surprise-pencil-case

6) L.O.L. Surprise Lunch Bag: $14.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/produ…/l-o-l-surprise-lunchbag

7)Magic Sequin Unicorns & Rainbows Tote Bag: $19.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/…/magic-sequin-unicorn-tote-b…

8)Simpleza Oils 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula oil: $19.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/…/simpleza-oils-cold-pressed-…

9)Simpleza Rose Water Toner (Spray): $19.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/pr…/simpleza-toners-rose-water

10)Simpleza Tea Tree Oil: $19.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/pr…/simpleza-oils-tea-tree-oil

11)Simpleza Serums Vitamin C with E & Hyaluronic Acid: $19.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/pro…/simpleza-serums-vitamin-c

12)Simpleza Vitamin C Perfecting Lotion with Vitamin E: $19.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/…/simpleza-vitamin-c-perfecti…

13)Finishing Touch Flawless Brows /Blush colour: $29.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/…/finishing-touch-flawless-br…

14)Grumblies: $29.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/products/grumblies-scorch

15)Pomsies: $24.99 https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/products/pomsies-patches

As if this giveaway wasn't enough, there is a discount code that offers you an EXTRA 10% off all these awesome items!

When shopping online use: 52397

When shopping in-store use bar code below:

If you are shopping in-store then you can show this barcode on your phone or you can print this out and show the cashier to SAVE AN EXTRA 10% OFF!

These are the items in the back-to-school prize pack valued at $300!

Be sure to stay updated with all of Showcase hottest trends and products, if you have yet visited a store, you have to go in for a demo on your favourite products! The staff are knowledgeable and very hospitable.

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Also a HUGE shout-out to Sandra from the Mom Rant, we're a great team and I look forward to hopefully doing MORE fun things like today! Show her some love on Instagram and she has an AMAZING Facebook group of over 12,000 women who RANT and RAVE and share their daily trials and tribulations of #motherhood!

The winner will be announced NEXT Thursday September 6th 2018! Make sure you are following me on Instagram to stay updated with all the cool and awesome things I have coming your way!

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