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Some FUN Facts about the Sizzlin and Livin Mamma!

Hi! if you're new around here WELCOME and thanks for following along in my journey in surviving this crazy, wild, unpredictable thing I call Life. I thought it be cool to give you some fun facts about @the_sizzlinandlivinmamma (my IG handle JUST in case you aren't following along yet)

  • Im 33

  • A Pisces, TRUE Pisces (who believes in astrology?)

  • Traveled to Tanzania, Africa in 2011 to renovate a school in a rural village

  • I'm a certified Primary/Junior Teacher

  • Completed my Masters in Arts at Ryerson in 2010

  • Married my brother's bestfriend (exactly! You read that right, I'v eknown him since he was 14!)

  • Went to beauty school when I was 18 and received my Aesthetician License

  • Went to an Arts-Based High School for dance

  • Started my journey with Postpartum Depression immediately after the birth of our toddler 2.5 years ago.

  • My favorite color is red

  • I love raw oysters

  • My love for dirty Martini's 🍸🍸 is REAL.

  • I LOVE all reality TV (guilty pleasure)

  • I can go from 0-100 REAL QUICK!

  • My ultimate DREAM JOB is to become an interior designer and work with my husband and flip houses!

Now, it's your turn, introduce yourselves and tell me a little tidbit (write them in the comments below!)

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