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Speaking our Truth

I haven't written in awhile and I miss it. I love to write, getting my ideas down on paper is what I really miss most about being in school. When studying during my last year at Ryerson we'd have to write papers upon papers about topics/subjects that we honestly for the most part did not care too much about HOWEVER when we had the opportunity (and when I say "we" I mean my colleagues and I) to write about passion and express our personal opinions usually done through a presentation it was both liberating and terrifying. Liberating because you are standing in front of people (your peers) and you are voicing your truth, terrifying well because you are standing in front of your peers and voicing your truth (see the similarity in that?).

You see writing is a way to escape your reality for just a short while. It is liberating to have this blog and share my passion and truth with all of you. I used to be apprehensive, who's going to read it? Who really cares what I have to say? Well, I do this for me and only me. Yes. I want to share with all of you my journey thus far and the trials and tribulations that I continue to push through. I genuinely enjoy sharing this, why? Well because I think humility is needed. I believe that there are many of us reading stories on the net and find ourselves saying "WOW ME TOO!" Can we celebrate that? Can more of us admit to the fact that we do indeed face these same tribulations on a daily basis, instead of pretending to be these perfect women with perfect lives, with their perfect relationships and children and clothes...CLEARLY I have an opinion about this (and I do not think I am alone in thinking this either). I just wish more of us came forward in regards to this reality because I think we'd have a lot less insecure women out there. BUT! That's why I am here to INSPIRE and EMPOWER each and every one of you to step out of your comfort zone, stand out of the crowd and to STAND ON YOUR OWN! You got this, you so have all of this!

Sending you peace and love always!

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