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Starting something NEW with an OLD way of thinking

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Doesn’t make much sense does it? Starting a new path with an old way of thinking, looming over us. But it happens all.the.time. So how do we move past this? I for one LOVE starting new things. I do. However this time seems very different and I am actually really apprehensive about it why? Because this needs to work out. This. All of this is my passion. What I am beginning is something that stems from love. From vulnerability, humility, sincerity, empathy and compassion. I genuinely WANT to help people. This is my sole purpose in life. Helping women especially feel empowered to speak out loud about their imperfections, their own vulnerabilities, uncertainties, their insecurities but at the same time CELEBRATE their beauty and journey back to themselves.

How do we break OLD habits? OLD ways of thinking? Our mindsets have been creating over time to where we are today. We’ve created our thought patterns, our thinking processes WE, US you and I. So…lets change it. Because as a matter of fact we are unable to move forward positively and successfully if our mind and thinking is not matching up with our NEW motto, NEW beginning. Letting go of the OLD thoughts and ways of doing things I believe is pretty important and crucial for future success. No? Don’t you agree? Its a process. Letting go sounds easy, basically re-training our minds to think otherwise. If you want it bad enough, anything is possible. If you have a driving heart, nothing can stop you. You are unstoppable.

What if I told you, I had the secret. I had the secret to allow for you to start changing the way you have been living your life day in and day out. Instead of moving through the motions you can be owning your life and creating new and exciting opportunities for yourself. I wish my friends. I WISH I had all the answers. But what I do have is faith that everything works out for the best. Things happen for a reason. And we are never stuck. No. We are just comfortable. But lets move from our comfort zone and ways of thinking to being uncomfortable together. Its an awkward stage yes. The uncomfortable part but its only a stage and it will pass through. Training our minds and spirits to believe in miracles is what my sole purpose is. I know life is hard. And sometimes you’re not OK. And that is OK and allowed. Embrace the journey. Not struggle or battle. Look at it as a path leading to a field of opportunity and freedom. It takes time. But thats all we have my friends is time.

Stay tuned. Stay positive. Stay true. Sending you all love and light. ✌❤

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