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The 3 must-haves when having a rough day: a good cry, laugh and a girlfriend by your side.

This girl right here has been my saving grace on many many occasions. Rosalyn. She is one of my bestfriends, sisters (from another mister), my exquisite hair-dresser, the list goes on and on really. Where you'll find me during the day is at her salon having a cappuccino (by the way they are the best in the GTA). Not a moment goes by that we don't laugh and crack jokes at the expense of her Dad and Unlce (they work at the salon as well, kind of a family place). Old-fashioned Italian men and actually most of their clients are as well, you can understand why we are always laughing. Anyways, a few weeks ago I was down in the dumps, went to the salon after daycare drop-off and she looked at me and knew right away "it was one of those days", so me and Rosetta here hung out, she had errands to run I went with (all the cool places hair-dressers go) we had lunch, coffee and most we importantly laughed. She literally is my saving grace and has been for months now.

When you are having a rough day, surround yourself with people that know you, the REAL you. Go back to your roots and be with them. They are authentic, genuine and sincere. Then cry. Cry. They won't shame you, judge you, or stop you. They will welcome it and most-likely cry with you. Then laugh. My goodness, LAUGH until you piss your pants, until you cry JUST LAUGH.

I wanted to post this for awhile now, it's been a long few months and I think we all need this advice regardless of who you are. We all have shitty days, and we all need a pick-me-up every now and then. These are my go-to things when having a rough day, what are some of your must-haves to get you through these tough times? Comment below, I always love connecting with my audience; my tribe of beautiful people. Thank-you again for your continued support.

Sending you all love and light...and lots and lots of laughter xoxo

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