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The life of a stay-at-home Mom just in case you were wondering….

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

So what do stay at home Mom’s do all day? Well for starters you find your other Mommy friends and have playdates/mommy dates whatever you want to call it. These are crucial. They allow us to swear, maybe have a glass of wine, eat junkfood…really let loose! They can even be at the local Starbucks or an Indigo. If you really want to venture out take them to a play space (obviously now your kids are a bit older). What we’ve started doing was bringing our babes to the Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC). WOW! What an eye-opener to this new world of FUN! Scarlett absolutely LOVED it. The songs, the toys, the amount of activities they have for each age group is awesome. So we go to the OEYC now a couple of times a week.

But of course this post isn’t just where to go its also about our experience at the centre…Mommy’s experience at the center.

Back to my rant…it is a bit of a rant. A friend of mine and I were watching our babes playing in the infant area while there were other older kids playing in the dirt (literally dirt) well they were throwing it all over the floor. I was just watching him. Not saying anything just observing as Benji is crawling around aimlessly (they put stuff in their mouths and thats exactly what he did…Shocker!) Anyways long story short…Mom comes over with a broom to clean up her child’s mess. She then looked at us and began to give us this speech (which by the way I did not appreciate whats so ever!) “Your kids will be like mine one day…thats why we shouldn’t judge”. But are you KIDDING ME!?!?!? Judge? This is why women and Mom’s especially are having such a difficult time raising their children in today’s world because of women LIKE HER! Noone was judging. Honest. I’ve learned that you do whatever you have to do to survive and stay sane. She was completely out of line. She had absolutely no right in speaking to us in that way nor does she even know us. I guess I am naive. I truly believe and thought we Moms get eachother and we're all on the same team. I didn’t think Moms actually talk like that with eachother?

There are so many Mommy groups and bloggers out there trying to bridge the gap and create this welcoming community. I am all for it. I think we really should just stop being so hard on ourselves because she obviously was assuming that we were judging her, because subconsciously that is what she would do.

I decided to share this for the mere fact that we need to stop this judgement BULLSHIT (pardon my french) but seriously. We go to the OEYC to get out of the house, to socialize because you know if these 4 walls could talk…they really wouldn’t be saying a whole lot because how much can an 8 month old say right? Anyways. We get out to survive and we go to a common place to mingle and for our children to be social not for Mom’s to attack each other.

Instead of isolating and judging each other lets just act as though we “get it” (because well we do!) Instead of the dirty looks why not looks of compassion and understanding. I am telling you, if we all did this Motherhood wouldn’t be so lonely. Because it really is.

“Motherhood: the loneliest job out there😣 ”

Thanks so much though for the love and all your feedback!

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