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The Sizzlin and Livin Mamma is here to stay

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

I held my FIRST Live on Instagram a few weeks ago and it was liberating. I was nervous, unsettled and unsure as to how I was going to entertain complete strangers for 30 minutes. Actually I was aiming for 15 minutes, 20 minutes tops, but we went for 35 almost 40 minutes for our FIRST Live. All my uncertainities disappeared once I started talking about my journey and who exactly is The Sizzlin and Livin Mamma. The support from everyone that tuned in was just mind-blowing. I had very low-expectations, I kept re-telling myself "if only 5 people join its OK! It's not about the numbers, its about the content". Which is so true! My best advice to anyone new to this game of blogging, influencing, sharing your story do it with passion do it with EVERYTHING in you. If you have passion you will succeed.

So, if you happened to miss my Live let me give you a break down of what it was about:

My journey with postpartum depression and when it exactly happened and HOW it happened.

I talk about my intentions behind The Sizzlin and Livin Mamma. My educational and career backgrounds. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Early Child Education, Diploma in Early Childhood Educatiom, Bachelors in Education in Education and a Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Studies. I worked for the Toronto Catholic Disrict School board as an Educational Assistant as well as a Parenting and Family Facilitator. I then went to work at George Brown College in the Early Childhood Education Department as a Field Faculty Advisor. I loved my job at George Brown College. I had my set of students to which I visited various childcare centres and kindergarten classrooms throughout Toronto. However after having my little one I began my journey with Postpartum Depression. Going into the daycares were triggers that would set off my depression. It was awful. So, I left George Brown and began delving into the world of Life Coaching and influencing. Working with companies to promote their brands and showcase my talent is a wonderful thing. I truly feel like I am making a difference PLUS it's a lot of fun. The Life Coaching aspect is also something that interests me and by reaching and supporting people on a larger scale has been my dream ever since I had my little one. I needed more in my life. I felt this void after she was born. I did not feel "full" anymore therefore I needed to create this platform for myself.

The Sizzlin and Livin Mamma is here to stay. I have indirectly fallen into this role. I shared my story on postpartum depression one day and I am beyond grateful for those of you that have stuck by me since the beginning. Be genuine, authentic and passionate, noone can replicate this. This is my story, my life and my time to shine. I have re-invented myself into the best version of me. I have purpose, I have drive and I have so much more for you all to see.

Stay tuned...

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