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What does it mean to Live your true Authentic Self...

I attended a workshop last week, well it was more of a healing session to be completely honest with you. Every month my Mother and I attend a sisterhood circle on the same day as the Full Moon, the theme that night was authenticity and what it means to portray this in your everyday life, how can you live as your true authentic self in today's society?

This topic was EXACTLY what I needed, I was a stand still of emotions, am I doing the right thing? what and how should I go about my life (personally, spiritually, mentally etc etc). This provided me with at least an outlook, some guidance like I had mentioned I was at a stand still. I truly felt that I was STUCK, stuck in cement, told that I can not move forward (no one had physically told me that, however those words were so clear in my head). My subconscious mind was telling me for some reason I was not allowed to move forward and evolve into another person. It's as if my depression had a hold on me, those demons in my head that I had given power to for the past 2 years had me under their wings. You know what the CRAZY thing is, I feel as though I am not worthy of happiness and success sometimes. I feel that if I completely lose my depression I will have to say good-bye to it? NUTS!!!! BUT! In my darkest days and moments, my depression and demons were the only things present, they were apart of me, they had never left me (like some people had done). No, I could always count on my destructive thoughts, my pain and the voices in my head to keep me going.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING when you unravel and come to this analogy. It was and is not easy to let them go, and maybe that is why it is taking me so long to fully move past my past! I keep asking myself, God and my Angels, what is holding me back? Why haven't I had my HUGE break as of yet? The answer is me. I am not being 100% truthful and authentic to my higher self. I have the answers, WE have the answers. Bottom line, DO NOT HOLD BACK FOR ANYTHING, WE HAVE THE CONTROL, WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT IT. Sorry for the caps, I am not yelling or anything I am just passionate. THIS was the sign I was so desperately looking for. Hence my revelation (in my last post on Instagram). By us holding back (in regards to anything really) we are in NO way ever going to achieve our highest good, living our best life or living our authentic self.

My message to all of you reading this, what are your inspirations, passions, WHAT MAKES YOU GET OUT OF BED in the morning, what makes you happy, TRULY happy? DO IT, do all of it. Live without fear of ridicule, fear of what others may think, fear of yourself. We are our worst enemy. we have this life right in front of us, we have our subconscious deck of cards, play that deck the way YOU see fit, not how OTHERS see fit. Get out of your bubble, stick with people that are authentic themselves, you might be lonely for awhile but others will come around. Reach your highest most miraculous potential.

Much love and light to each and every one of your beautiful souls. xoxox

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