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Why I (and a lot of new Moms) live for Mommy and Baby playdates

Not sure if all new Mom’s feel this way but I absolutely LOVE the whole Mommy and Baby playdates, classes, you name it I love them WHY? These classes are what got me through my PPD at the beginning (first 3 months) of Scarlett’s life. I had a turning point slowly after Scarlett turned about 8,9 weeks. I told myself to get onto a routine or else you’ll fall into a hole so deep I’d never be able to creep out. In order for me to conduct a healthy lifestyle I needed structure, I needed a routine to add to my everyday. So? Where to and what now?

B.C. (before children)

My bestie and I would meet weekly at Starbucks to catch up on life, her wedding planning, daily rants about our husbands etc. God, I miss those days, driving downtown, being in the city, my independence. So I needed to somewhat fill that void. I heard about a postnatal yoga class at my yoga studio a strong Mom fitness class and a Stroller fit class.

YES. I signed us up for 3 classes a week for the next 10 weeks. Best thing I have ever done. My advice (take it or leave it) to new Mom’s: get out and get busy. Or, whatever works for you to make sure that you and your baby are on some kind of routine, anything, in the end your inner self will thank you!! I say this because or else you will go stir CRAZY! Is it hard leaving the comfort of your home? YES. Is it nerve-wracking just the mere thought of meeting new people with this new life of yours that you’re still trying to figure out? My goodness, YES! Was I nervous she was going to lose her SH*T during my workout YES! But guess what? WHO GIVES A…you’re at a Mommy and Baby class, everyone GETS IT! These women are all trying to make sense of this new life as well. They don’t have it all together, trust me they don’t. And please please PLEASE do not believe everything you see and hear. Life isn’t always as it seems. We are all just trying to get by. These women understand and are for the most part compassionate, no judgement. It’s all in your mindset. If you go with preconceived thoughts and limitations than STAY HOME we don’t want you there.

With that being said, BE REAL noone cares what you or your kid looks like or wearing for that matter. Noone cares how you “parent” (if you’re that type that compares, then please STAY HOME) we’re all in this together and just trying to survive. I am so blessed and lucky to have met some awesome women that I’ve made some solid connections with and have become good friends. It’s because we “get” each other. So, once you meet these new, crazy (just like you) Mamma’s its time for an outing without the workout gear.

Planning for The Mommy and Baby Playdate

It’s the highlight of our week. So when you are finally able to meet up with your new Mommy friend you’re pumped because face it, what else would you be doing?!?! Oh! And don’t get discouraged if it takes you about a month to actually finalize plans and for it to be a go. Planning with babies? Well? Let’s just say you can’t plan😂😂 Yeah, you can have an idea in your head and if its a good day go with that but don’t get bent out of shape if it doesn’t work out…be easy going and just shrug it off, there is always next time! My first Mommy date (because that’s what they are, dates, with other Mom’s especially if the babes are so little for any type of play, its for us women to find our tribe) was last week👭👭 I drove down into the city (which I absolutely LOVED) and we walked along Young St to a local bakery for some sweets and coffee…I was in HEAVEN (crazy what we crave and makes us content after a baby). My mind was stimulated with conversations not involving “whats for dinner?” but more so “are you going back to work after? how’s that BLOG coming along?” don’t get me wrong we do have those convo’s about pumping milk and of course those husbands of ours but it’s all relative. What we new Mom’s secretly long for is to hear “girl, I get you, trust me, you’re doing a fricken great job and YOU LOOK AMAZING!” It was an awesome afternoon…then BAM! A flippin hail storm as we are walking back to her place. Its not all rosey and peachy, SH*T happens but you know what you just go with it, because thats what we as Mom’s do best!

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